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Joseph and Kris

Art as Vision - A Tool for Transformation and Healing

Customized Art Work & Licensing

We love to create customized artwork for individuals and organizations.

Our experience of creating customized pieces is one of collaboration and great joy.

If you are interested in having an image created for yourself or your organization,

or licensing rights to use our images, please contact us and let us know your interests.

©2005-2017 All images and Text by Joseph Woods and Kris Thoeni. All Rights Reserved.

Artwork below was created for metaWisdom

and comment by Kevin Buck:

"At the heart of metaWisdom is the spirit of interconnectedness and the call to be collaborative.

Joseph and Kris embody that in who they are and how they work with each other and any community.

Their art is an invitation to stir our collective souls and to awaken the deep beauty of what it means to show up with intention, vibrancy and clarity.

I am grateful for their work with us to co-create the metaWisdom image as a visual landmark to the path and destination." 

Kevin Buck ~ metaWisdom

If you see an image you would like to use we do license our artwork. Many companies use our existing artwork for presentations, installations, and more. Please contact Joseph and Kris for more information.

©2005-2017 All images and Text by Joseph Woods and Kris Thoeni. All Rights Reserved.