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Joseph and Kris

Art as Vision - A Tool for Transformation and Healing


Joseph and Kris

Silk Paintings

Our art is inspired by spirit, created with love, and intended to touch your soul.

We work together within sacred space to create beautiful whimsical images on silk.

Sometimes we work side by side. Other times one of us will begin an image and the other one of us will complete it.

Each piece is collaboration – the finished piece being better than either one of us could do alone.

As we create, our intention is to align with universal truth and knowledge and allow the energy of spirit to work through us. Each piece of art we create is imbued with the healing energy of love. Through the creative process, and our life, our intention is to dream and inspire a better future for all.

We invite you to visit our Gallery of Silk Image to explore. Please allow the images to speak to you. Maybe a piece will call to you.

Basic description of the technical part of our creative process

Before we begin to paint, a piece of silk is stretched and pinned onto a pine frame. This allows the silk to float as we paint. The process is very freeing - the fabric gently moves as the brush comes in contact with the silk fabric. The process is a true teaching in non attachment as the paints seem to have a mind of their own!

We use a resist to create the outline of the image. In theory the outline creates a barrier for the paints to stay within. Of course this doesn't always happen which is great because it challenges to be even more creative ~ and ~ we love to paint outside the lines. This is half the fun of being creative!

Some of our images are created in a day. Others may take months to complete. It is an ever evolving process and we feel our job is to 'get out of the way' and allow the true creative process to move through us.

Above and right is an image of Joseph painting on silk. Left is Kris painting on silk. The reason we aren't painting at the same time in the photo is because one of us is taking the photo. (smile)

©2005-2017 All images and Text by Joseph Woods and Kris Thoeni. All Rights Reserved